Wednesday, 23 April 2014

by Dafna Aloni

Nelson Mandela


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Above Dafna:

Born in Israel and moved to Southern California USA in 1991, Dafna has been surrounded by art ever since she can remember. Her father sculpture and grandmother paint. Dafna specializes in portraits and cityscapes, and works in her own techniques. 'The painting pretty much dictates itself', she says, 'At times I would feel drawn to a certain color rather than another'. Dafna's approach to art is non-traditional, she chooses to create with as few limitations as possible, featuring bold, bright colors which are based upon how the subject makes her feel, as opposed to what its color 'should' be.

She says 'I believe that the purpose of art is to convey emotions rather than just images, therefore I concentrate on capturing the moods as well as the appearances of the scenes that I portray' 'If people look at my work and feel an immediate inner thrill, joy, or if it touches an aspiring heart, than I've done my part…'

Oak Park, CA - United States