Friday, 14 March 2014

by Lonzo Lucas Jr

Mandela Light Of The World


This piece portrays the iconic Nelson Mandela as the light that fuels South Africa.

The original work is currently for sale. At the present time, originals are not offered for sale through the Fine Art America secure checkout system. Please contact the artist directly to inquire about purchasing this original by clicking on the picture link below.

About Lonzo:

Name: Lonzo Lucas Jr.

Statement: Life is what you make it.

Birthplace: Los Angeles, CA

Current location: Barrie, Ontario

Other Hobbies: Writer (short, stories, screenplays) Music Composer.

Greetings fellow artist and artistic connoisseurs I started drawing well over 10 years ago as a hobby, it was a way to divert attention away from the kidney disease that was racking my body with pain while slowing sapping away my life. In 2004 I was blessed to have received a kidney from my younger brother; since then I have continued to hone my craft. I am constantly searching for a style both original in scope and depth yet with the perfect aesthetic appeal. While I've never formally attended an art school, I feel that life is my inspiration; this is what provides me with the stimulus to experiment more with unorthodox angles and images while continuing to find my niche in the artistic community. Recently and with the help of my wife Karen Lucas, I seem to have discovered a new concept that is abstract in form with an extremely palatable presentation. I wish to explore this new style even further. Your support is paramount as I continue to find new ways of expression while continuing to grow as an artist....

Barrie, ON - Canada

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