Wednesday, 22 January 2014

by Debra MChelle

Paradigm Shifter's Of Consciousness


Depicts some of the "Leaders of Color" that were known as catalysts for political, racial, spiritual, and economic reform. Their messages and methodologies have paved the way for greater empowerment for people and color as well as soul evolution, introducing "Ciphers of Humanity" without fear or reserve.

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About Debra:

D. M'Chelle's Literary and artistic gifts came naturally. At the age of 40 D. M'Chelle made a complete life transformation when she left Corporate America and an 18 year marriage to pursue her spiritual path as a Healing Arts Practitioner. Though she was inspired at the age of 14 to take seriously her creative writing skills, it wasn't until she had raised a husband and two amazingly gifted children that she decided to make something of her writings and discover where Spirit would take her next.

'I'm sure like most kids born in the 60's, I had an indigo child's spirit, and was inspired by the music of that time. I was an exceptional dancer, and as a kid, secretly dreamed of being a music star but that wasn't in the family plan or the family budget. Becoming a young mother at the age of 17 changed my perspective and goals and I was happy to make the change. Being born an old soul with a non-conformists spirit in the bible belt of America, I never felt like I was from this place and when I found out I was pregnant, I was almost relieved. I was ready for it and looked forward to being a mother and raising my family.”

“Now, having raised my family, and having left corporate America, I’m continuing my personal journey and spiritual evolution cultivate my passion for passing on what I’ve learned from life and from Spirit through the poetry, art, and holistic living as a way of fulfilling my purpose. Raising the consciousness of the community to embrace their divinity and the healing power of natural life force. The healing that takes place in others through the poetry, art, and therapeutic modalities that have come through me is indescribable and I feel blessed in so many ways by this. When people walk away with a sense of wholeness, excited about life, inspired by what they have received and want to share the healing that have come through me with others is what I’m here for … it doesn’t get any better than that.

I have also found through experience at various gallery showings and promotional events that this artistry has a subtle and sometimes intense sentience with an ability to heal through visual means the hearts, souls, and body of those who have been in the presence of it. It's something that I had never expected and still find hard to believe and even harder to explain the awakenings and subtle healing that takes place. Yet it is what it is and its beautiful to experience and to witness and hear of these experiences from those that it's touched in that way.

Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to share this artistry with you. May your experience this artistry to be inspirational and a source of inner healing, Self realization, and enjoyment.”

D. M'Chelle

Minneapolis, MN - United States

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