Sunday, 19 January 2014

by Tim Stephens

Nelson Mandela Tribute

Mixed media 2013

A personal tribute from artist Tim Stephens to the late, great Nelson Mandela. This artwork is available as a paper print in the following size:



All prints come hand signed and numbered by the artist. For more information on all painting and print types please click on the Picture Links Below.


Cut the Mustard was established back in 2002. We believe art should be for EVERYONE and so wanted to present exciting, vibrant art in a relaxed and informal environment.

The hunt began for suitable spaces to show artwork that were accessible for all and so we put on exhibitions in venues including bars, cafes and music shops. After receiving great reviews of Tim Stephens' first solo show, hosted by us at Amoeba, (a gallery cafe), in Bristol, we decided to concentrate on promoting Tim's work full time and have been doing so since. As keen festival goers we thought that taking Tim and his music based artwork to festivals was a natural and exciting new direction and it also fitted with our ethos of taking art to the masses perfectly. So in 2005 we filled up a van and headed to Glastonbury Festival....

After setting up our new travelling gallery, (a large marquee with wooden white washed walls constructed within then filled with paintings and prints), it quickly became apparent we had made the right decision. We were rushed off our feet and overwhelmed by the amazing feedback and sales on days one and two. Then it rained. After that it rained some more and more again after that. After 8 hours of thunder, lightning and biblical scale downpours the festival was like Atlantis and we were floating in the middle of it! It felt like the end of it all...but then the sun came out! Things dried up, we dug deep and found our British grit, (and a bottle of rum!), and got on with it. By the time Monday came Fridays drowning seemed like a distant memory and we hailed the event as a huge success.

Since 2005 we have traded at many music festivals including Isle of Wight, Reading, V, Womad, Summer Sundae, Lattitude and Guilfest and have done so in all types of weather! We have met with thousands of fantastic and interesting people and had lots of laughs as well as the blood, sweat and tears that go with working in an extreme environment such as a festival,We truly believe we have introduced people to the world of art that would have normally thought it wasn't for them.

Away from the physical shows we have always strived to have a website that compliments the vibe we portray offline. For those that have followed the development of from 2002 you will realise you are now viewing a website ten times the size it was back then. We believe the online gallery is a very important outlet as it let's people view what they like from where they like so hope you enjoy your time here. We are always open to suggestions, comments and feedback and love hearing from you so please keep in touch.

Finally, we would like to thank everyone that has visited us offline and online over the years and all the people who have helped CTM on it's journey - you know who you are!

United Kingdom

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