Saturday, 11 January 2014

by Jenny Bleackley

Nelson Mandela


© Copyright Jenny Bleackley

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About Jenny:

My work stems from the excitement and inspiration of all I observe and the desire to express this.  I started painting in 2004 with one of those epiphany moments. I have always been fascinated and challenged by watercolour as it never fails to excite with the myriad of ways it can develop and present itself. A constant challenge but exceptional delight when it wins and sometimes on its own accord - giving surprising results not initially intended.  Learning to use watercolour on canvas has been the most exciting and challenging discovery for me - I hate restrictions and feel this broadens every potential. I am mainly self-taught but have attended many workshops, evening classes in London and in Sussex.  I have exhibited at Shipley, Henfield, Ashdown, The Weald of Sussex in Burgess Hill, Adur Festival and The Greenstede Gallery in East Grinstead and am a member of The Weald of Sussex Art Club and The Paul Badham Gallery, Haywards Heath.

On a recent trip to the Southern Hemisphere I was enthralled by the aboriginal art in Australia and, in particular, the resonance of these words describing the reason for their artwork:  "Dreaming is the foundation of their life, a life force, a spiritual necessity and the depiction of these dreams an essential part of ceremony and their belief systems".  It is essential to have space to allow these processes for all of us, not just artists, but a constant battle in today's techno world.

"Those who use their hands are labourers; those who use their hands and head are craftsmen; those who use their hand, head and heart are artists" Francis of Assissi

"Success consists in going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm" Winston Churchill

"The landscape is a state of the soul" Salvador Dali

"Nature is my religion" Frank Lloyd Wright

Sussex - United Kingdom

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