Saturday, 11 January 2014

by Linda Mears

Nelson Mandela

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Original paintings by Linda Mears, listed fine artist, may be found in prestigious, galleries, museums, private collections, and on various gift and other products worldwide. - She has also appeared in publications which document other major artists such as Grandma Moses, Edward Hicks, John Kane and Mattie Lou O'Kelley.

Linda is a prolific painter whom is known for her great attention to detail and strength of composition. The combination of her sensitivity along with her technical versatility becomes the vehicle that allows her to express and to invite you to participate in, the aura of wonder and fascination hidden within each moment of life.

'I have found incredible joy in sharing my artistic visions with others. Throughout my life I have drawn inspirations from everything and everyone around me. Then, I add my imagination and bring it to life on my canvas.

'My goal is to reveal to my collectors and viewers just how beautiful life can be.'
~ Linda Mears

Galleries and Museum Exhibits - 1987 - 2013:

Frank J. Miele Gallery, Madison Avenue, New York City, NY
Musse d'Art International de Bages, France
Le Musse d'Art International Yvon-M. Daigle, Magog, Quebec
Toad Hall Galleries in Cooperstown and in New York City, NY
American Arts in Embassies Gallery Program
Galerie Pro Arte Kasper, Morges, Switzerland
Yvon Daigle Galerie Art Naif, Magog, Quebec
Galerie Je Reviens, Westport, CT
Jean Reed Galleries, Nyack, NY
Jay Johnson Gallery, Madison Avenue, New York City, NY
Gallery Street, TV talk show, Hollywood, CA - featuring Linda Mears
More Art, Inc., Los Angeles, CA
Southern Heart Gallery, Lacome, LA
plus other notable exhibitions.

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