Sunday, 19 January 2014

by Nadia Benade

Nelson Mandela


Nadia Benade, also known as Benadia, is a South African Artist, working mostly in pencil in a striking photo-realistic style. Nadia admits she was newer really interested in art as a child but her interest was sparked when an art teacher offered extracurricular art classes at her high school.

In that year she won the award for best senior high school art, with other high schools also competing for the prize. Her art career immediately set of and she would draw photorealistic portrait commissions. She studied art at UNISA and received her Bachelor’s Degree in Visual Arts in 2006.

Her intentions of doing her Master’s Degree were brought to a halt when tragedy struck her family. Her father, one of her biggest supporters, passed away and she was left taking care of her mother with advanced cancer who since, also passed away.

She started working as a Graphic Designer and quickly advanced to Production Manager but her love for traditional art and photorealism remained undiminished. Benadia is most certainly one of South Africa’s best. She is a perfectionist who gives extreme attention to detail.

Benadia was quoted saying: ‘I always say to people who ask about my art that I'm really a sucky artist and that my talent is actually perseverance. Just keep swimming... just keep swimming” ~ Benadia

Pretoria - South Africa

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