Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Poem by Jason Christopher


Nelson Mandela Alive

To Strive
Destined to win?
Hearts of fire
Passions of right
Human rights!!

The slaying of hate
By words of peace
Triumphant through words
Spoken with humbled might
Written in faith
Empowered by beliefs
Ignited by cruelty, seen and felt
Lifted by the people
Carried by truths

Now laying at peace

A mission accomplished
A job done well
Asleep but always

A living voice
Can you hear him?
He stands proud

Saying the message!

by words of faith

©Jason Christopher
6th December 2013

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Fire in Darkness - poetry by Jason Christopher

Modern poetry in free verse by Jason Christopher, a blend of unique styles that take the reader into a different world of light and darkness, angels and demons, emotions, humour, journeys and the world of surreal experience...

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