Saturday, 14 December 2013

by Dr. Michael Durst

Mandela The Gift of Love

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This work shows Nelson Mandela being crowned by Afra, the first Black Ascended Master, with a halo with the words for love in all of the official South African languages. This highly emotional piece displays the respect and honouring of a great man, who has brought love and inner peace to people the world over.

The artist had the opportunity of working with President Mandela when he was asked to meet with the Secretary Generals office of the ANC in 1993. Since then, he had a burning desire to give back to the man who has given so much to the world. In this painting, Dr. Durst wanted to create the dignity and yet humanness of President Mandela as he waves and smiles to all of us, while being crowned with Love. The painting is called "The Gift of Love" which is appropriate for the South African man who walked to freedom not only onto the world stage, but into the hearts of millions.

When Afra ascended, he asked to be called simply a brother, or frater, in Latin. And so a frater became the name Afra and the continent is called Africa in his honour. It is so appropriate for Afra to have crowned Mandela because of his transcendence to symbolize brotherhood and love.

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Portions of the proceeds are donated to the Nelson Mandela Children's Fund and Street Smart, a group that helps homeless children.

About Dr. Michael Durst:

Dr. Michael Durst is one of the most exciting South African artists. As a psychologist, Dr. Durst’s paintings create not only beauty for the beholder, but also a state of relaxation and healing. His work combines realism with impressionism, evoking an emotional link to the heart—thus the name: “Heartscapes.”

His exhibitions in Cape Town, the Netherlands and New York have received rave reviews and gained Dr. Durst international renown.

Dr. Durst loves to paint the beauty of Cape Town--especially the Waterfront, Table Mountain, ocean views, spring flowers, and the vineyards. His abstracts have won top awards from Fine Art America as well.

To see all of Dr. Durst’s paintings visit his web site:

ART FOR THE HEART by Hilary Benjamin, The Atlantic Sun, September, 2007

2004-2006 Sun International Gallery, Cape Town
2008 The Blue Dolphin Gallery in the Netherlands
2009 'Perspectives of Reality' Ico Gallery, New York
'The Rhythmic Figure' Ico Gallery, New York

Solo Exhibitions:
2007 “Heartscapes of the Cape” Eclectic Gallery, Cape Town
2008 “Postcards from the Heart of Cape Town,” Table Bay Hotel, Cape Town
2009 'Magical Moments in Sea Point' Eclectic Gallery, Cape Town

2010    “Cape Town Heartscapes” the works of Dr. Michael Durst, Available on
“Cape Town Calendar” Dr. Durst’s scenes of Cape Town, Available on

Private Collections:
In South Africa, England, Scotland, France, Germany, Canada, Australia, Chile, Turkey and the United States.

More Of Michael’s Work Can Be Seen In This Blog At The Link.

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