Monday, 16 December 2013

by Tim Johnson



A reflective portrait of Nelson Mandela. Auctioned in 1996 and bought by an anonymous buyer, it was recently seen in an apartment in Paris.

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Maritime Art & Portraits

I've been painting since childhood, but full-time since 2001. Having served in the South African Navy for 26 years, there is a strong Maritime emphasis in my work. I paint ships and the sea, as well as portraits. Many of these are of Naval Officers, commissioned as gifts or farewell commemorations.

But there's more! I love interesting buildings and the way people interact with them, so there are some of those too. I've also started a new project deconstructing food & fruit, to keep a smile on my face.

I live and paint in Fish Hoek, near Cape Town in South Africa. I teach small art groups 3 days a week and paint most other days. Life doesn't get much better!

Browse through my gallery and enjoy! Most work has already been sold, but feel free to contact me for commissions or for more available works.

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