Saturday, 14 December 2013

by Lee Madrid

Nelson Mandela


This is the first painting of the former President of South America, Nelson Mandela. The painting was done around his 80th birthday and he inspired me to begin this ongoing collection.

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Lee Madrid Info:

Lee Madrid was born in Lubbock, Texas on November 21, 1978, where he went to Texas Tech University and studied Visual and Performing Arts.

Finishing at the University of Texas in Dallas, Lee moved to Salt Lake City in 2005, where he began to paint murals, and present artwork all over the city. In Fall 2011 he was asked to speak to a group of teachers in the Salt Lake CIty School District, at a mini conference held at Highland High School. His skills have allowed him to find projects that connect him with the children and diverse people of the community.

Lee Madrid has always had a gift for capturing the likeness of a person and he is aspiring to bring out an energy in his paintings with his use of color and his understanding of value and light. Lee is also a musician and you can listen to his first album "Abusing All Your Charms" at Link Below.

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