Monday, 23 December 2013

by Karen Lawrence

Nelson Mandela


A homage to a great man of vision who had in effect three lives, before, during and after incarceration. Loved by many, many people all over the world, Nelson Mandela was a father figure to a nation and an inspiration. He died December 5th 2013 aged 95, rest peacefully Nelson, you saved a nation and inspired millions.

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Karen does not profess to being a ‘photographer’ but she does ‘love’ to take photographs, so I suppose it does in a way ‘make’ her a photographer. She lives on The Wirral, which is a beautiful county with many fabulous places to photograph. It has a lot of history, from Sir Admiral Lord Nelson to the local Scout group breaking the world wobble board record (which has subsequently been broken). She doubts very much that she will live any where else. So why does she take photographs? It all comes down to her Art teacher Mr. Macdonald (Mr. Mac) who in senior school persuaded her Mum that she COULD draw. Karen then went on to Art college and studied foundation Art, Graphic Design and Interior Design. In foundation Art she developed her photographic skills on a Pentax camera, developing her own black and white film, which is where she fell in love with black and white photography. Over the years Karen has picked up and put down several cameras including her Dad’s old Ilford, a Zenith TTL, a Canon, a Nikon D60, a Nikon D3100 and now a Nikon D7000 and is sure there will be more camera’s in her future but just at the moment the Nikon is the camera of choice. So how long does she think this stage will last for? Well she have no idea but she is living for the moment and for the next great shot. Karen hopes you take the time to look through her work and that you are able to find at least a little something that has either made you raise your eyebrows or even to part with some of your cash. Karen hopes to see you here again and again, see you soon.

Wirral, Cheshire - United Kingdom


  1. Marry Christmas Karen, looking forward to seeing some of your photography. Me I'm just an amateur picture taker, but I do love being in nature taking pictures.. :o)
    In love and light

  2. Sorry Cindy i have only just found your comment. Thanks for the good wishes, i hope you have been out and about, spring is a good time for nature lovers. Regards Karen.