Thursday, 12 December 2013

by Sabina Bonifazi

Nelson Mandela

Sabina BonifaziStony Plain, AB - CanadaSabina Bonifazi - Fine ArtistSabina Bonifazi - Fine ArtistMember Since: 04/21/2011Add to Watch ListSend Private MessageJoin E-Mail ListVisit WebsiteContactSabina Bonifazi is a pastoral artist, whose use of pastels, watercolors and acrylics, carries the viewer into the presence of paintings that reflect nature's showcase.

Sabina paints with a passion and creative flare that captures the world around her in an insightful and photogenic style. Inspired by nature’s beauty, her paintings convey special moments and impressions of rural life. A self taught artist who began drawing and painting at a young age, she now continues to challenge her creativity by playing with light and shadows, colors and angles, eyes and expressions.

Immigrating from Switzerland in 2002, she lives west of Stony Plain, on an acreage with her husband, two horses, two dogs and five cats. As such, she approaches her painting with open eyes and a fresh perspective.

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