Thursday, 12 December 2013

by Andre Koekemoer

Nelson Mandela

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Andre's Details:

My name is Andre Koekemoer, I'm a South African born graphic artist & illustrator currently living in Kildare, Ireland. I studied Art & Design in college way back when and attribute my creative genome to my Y chromosome. I have gained a strong practical background in visual art and communications from work experience in various industries from Interior Design to Printing, Signage & Textiles. Before leaving my homeland over a decade ago to do some globe trotting, the traveller on a shoestring lifestyle found me working outside of the creative industries for too long. I am now settled on the Emerald Isle and continue to expand my skills & knowledge in visual & media based graphics.

My style has always favored a mixed range of mediums with a strong graphic influence whether it be working traditionally or digitally specializing in Illustration, Portraits, Caricature, Character and Graphic Design.

In keeping up with societies increasing demand for technological advances I have in recent years crossed over from the practical traditional dimension into the virtual world of cyber paint & digital graphics. I have since become somewhat of a Photoshop junkie. I’ve been an addict for 5 years now, and my preferred method of administration is via a Wacom Pen Tablet. So far in rediscovering my creative journey it has led me to finding an opportunity to work full time at this dream of mine.

I draw my inspiration from everywhere. Everything inspires me to draw; life, people, culture, emotion...that’s why I love to draw faces. I’m just a dude that loves to paint, learn, and hopefully inspire those that see my art. Just trying to find my own place in the world of art hoping that if I build it, you will come!!

Dublin - Ireland

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