Thursday, 12 December 2013

by Erin Coffey

Mamma Africa


I donated the original piece to a 'Keep A Child Alive' auction & print the to an 'Arts Alive!' auction. Everything has a meaning behind it. The boy spray painting seperated from the beach and ocean by a chain-link fence, creating a barrier from bliss.

The phoenix rising from the ashes, the koi fish (determination) has a diamond in the crown of its head, Maisha (Life) at the bottom of the winding tree, a Ghandi quote, Nelson Mandela & his prison numbers, a Lion is shown for pride, and a ribbon for AIDS.

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About Erin:

I am a free spirited individual who draws inspiration from the elements that surround me. Nature, music (classic rock) and the 60s tend to hold the largest influence on me artistically; throw on a Jimi Hendrix vinyl in the warm sunshine and the creativity flows. This is evident in my artwork, which has psychedelic aspects; but when I have a camera in my hand, anything and everything is my muse.

Art is a major facet in my life, from detailed stick figures for my Grandma as a child to the intricate work I produce now. Through it all, art has always been an escape for me; for there are no rules, no guidelines, no boundaries holding me back from what I want to create. I follow this path of expressive freedom with the understanding that beauty can be found not only in the most obvious of places but the most obscure.
'Art is man's interpretation of life, and it is always changing; revised and shaped by inspired architects manipulating its boundless evolution; I am just here to do my part.'

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