Wednesday, 11 December 2013

by Christopher Edmunds

Nelson Mandela Quote No. 1

Nelson Mandela Quote No. 2

Nelson Mandela Quote No. 3

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Hi, my name is Chris and I live in a rural area 16 miles from Tamworth on the North West Slopes of the New England region of New South Wales, Australia.

I've been a serious photographer for about 40 years with work published in a variety of books, magazines and newspapers. Subjects have included jewelry, horses, cars, buildings and rural scenes.

All images are produced on Nikon DSLR cameras using high quality lenses to give you the best possible result.

My biggest phobias are spiders and heights but these difficulties are overcome with a camera in hand.

Most images here date from 2000 as nearly all of my collection was destroyed in a storm.

Please return now and again to check out new listings and if you have any comments or questions please email me.

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