Thursday, 12 December 2013

by Laura Toth



Nelson Mandela and South African flag digitally painted on a brick wall background to look like graffiti.

Nelson Mandela


Digitally painted image of Nelson Mandela with many of his inspirational quotes.

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Information on Laura's Work

Laura is a visual artist living and working in beautiful Saint Paul, MN. She works in oils, pastels, acrylics, digital media and graphic design. She is entirely self-taught, and looks forward to learning more every day.

In her paintings, Laura aims to capture life as it is happening. While she occasionally paints on site, more often, she heads out with just a sketch book and a point-and-shoot camera so she can travel light and move fast. She loves documenting the dynamic aspect of city life, and the majority of her paintings depict scenes captured in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and Saint Paul. She also loves to travel, so a number of her paintings and digital works are from other cities around the world. She has also painted estate and landscape scenes and pet portraits on commission.

While waiting for the latest layer of her oil paintings to dry, Laura enjoys diving into the immersive process of creating digital paintings on her computer. The 'Dogs of the World' series is an ongoing project and a favorite of hers. Each of those images took around one hundred hours to create. She would love to add more dog breeds to the collection, so if you'd like a custom image of your pet in any type of setting you choose, send her an e-mail.

Laura's graphic design work tends toward the edgier side. She tries to be clever as well as creative, playing off of the words or images associated with a particular business. Her hope is that the end result is something happily surprising and entirely unique to each client. If you're in need of a business logo or product label design, contact her.

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